Some of my Beatport sources aren’t working in the latest version

A note on Beatport & Playlisty 2.6

Starting with Playlisty version 2.6 we’ve made some big efficiencies in the way we work with Beatport. Retrieving Beatport charts is now MUCH faster and requires much less memory. So much so that we’ve disabled the options to reduce the numbers of days or playlists to bring back: it’s now always the maximum 150 charts because the extra overhead for doing this is minimal.

There’s one slight downside to this change: certain sets of charts which were available using “hard” URLs (e.g. are no longer supported, although you should find all the same charts still available in the new “Beatport Charts” genre, available on the Beatport Genres menu.

You’ll also find a new “Beatport DJ Sets” genre on the menu, which has some very high quality playlists across multiple genres.

We hope you’ll forgive the changes, but Beatport was previously very slow and memory intensive which could cause Playlisty to grind to a halt if, like us, you use Beatport a lot.