Tell me about this MacOS Bug

Playlisty uses a piece of technology provided by Apple called “Catalyst”. It’s revolutionary: it lets us write a single application which we can release on iOS, iPadOS & MacOS, something that would have been nearly impossible previously. We love it, and as soon as Catalyst was ready to support Music apps (Q4 2020) we used it to release a Mac version of Playlisty.

Unfortunately at the moment there are still one or two issues with Catalyst. We’ve been working hard with Apple to sort these out but if you are running Big Sur on your Mac there’s one in particular that you might experience.

Specifically, you might see an issue where Playlisty will fail to find your Apple Music account when you try to install it, even though you are correctly logged-in. Under the covers this happens because you are logged-in to the App Store or iCloud with a different Apple ID, and your Mac is looking at that Apple ID to see if it has an Apple Music account instead of the one it should be looking at.

It’s a small bug and Apple are very much aware of it, but it has a big impact on Playlisty (Monterey already looks much better).

There are a couple of possible workarounds:

  1. Use the same Apple ID across Media, App Store & iCloud. We realise that for many this isn’t ideal, but it usually fixes the issue.
  2. Use our iPhone or iPad version! Remember, if you purchase Playlisty Pro it works across all 3 platforms so as/when Apple resolve this issue you will be able to use the Mac version for no extra charge.