What is the Playlisty Browser?

The Playlisty browser is a specialised web browser, a bit like Safari, Chrome or Edge but focused on viewing web pages that contain playlists. Like most browsers it allows you to enter URLs (using the ‘+’ button) and save them to your favourites (they are called “Playlist Sources” in Playlisty).

As above, the big difference between the Playlisty browser and other web browsers is that it includes a specialised add-in that scans web pages using advanced pattern-matching techniques and finds playlists. Think of it as a bit like an advert-blocker, except that instead of throwing away advertisements it throws away anything that isn’t a playlist.

There are a small number of exceptions to this, namely Spotify, YouTube & Setlist.fm. For these 3 services Playlisty logs on using the official APIs offered by those sites.

What does this all mean to you, the user? On the plus side, if you happen to find a web page on one of our supported websites that shows you some playlists you like, it is usually possible to add that URL as a Playlisty source within seconds using the ‘+’ button. On the minus side, if any of our supported websites radically change their web-page formats it’s possible Playlisty may need us to tweak it a bit before it can find playlists on the site again.