We find the ability to store & read playlist files on iCloud, DropBox or Google Drive really useful for sharing playlists between our desktop computers and iOS devices. For example if there’s a one-off list of tracks that we find somewhere on a web page and that Playlisty doesn’t immediately recognise, it usually doesn’t take more than a couple of minutes in Notepad (Windows) or TextPad (MacOS) to tidy it up into “Track Name – Artist” format and save it to our Cloud drive (we usually keep these files in a playlist folder). From there it takes seconds to open the file in Playlisty on your iOS device and import as a playlist to Apple Music.

Also, you probably know that you can paste a web page URL into Playlisty and that Playlisty will read the web page and extract any playlist it finds. But did you know that you can save the URL to a file and simply open that file whenever you want Playlisty to read the playlist? That’s particularly useful if you’ve got a URL link to a page that contains a playlist which is dynamically updated, such as a “Top 100” playlist.

For example if you save the following URL to a 1-line text file on your cloud drive:

Every time you open that file in Playlisty it will automatically import “Today’s Biggest Hits” from YouTube. You can use this feature to create your own “Favourites” list of playlists that change on a regular basis.