Transfer playlists to Spotify in seconds from hundreds of different sources, including Apple Music, YouTube, Deezer and dozens of different websites & file formats. Please note: you’ll need a Spotify account – either free or premium – to install Playlisty for Spotify!

What’s Playlisty?

What if you want to listen to a playlist that isn’t already in the Spotify catalog? Perhaps an old Apple Music playlist you created for a special occasion? A YouTube playlist someone shared with you via a link? Or maybe some old Billboard charts on a Wikipedia page?

That’s where Playlisty comes in: it’s a companion app to Spotify and it gives you that “playlist import” feature that Spotify itself lacks.

There are lots of different ways you can import playlists in Playlisty. You can directly browse & select playlists from libraries on music services such as Apple Music or YouTube. You can paste some text, or a web link, into the unique Playlisty Scratchpad. Or you can select files in one of dozens of supported formats.

… more information coming soon …