Why doesn’t Playlisty work on a child’s account & how can I work around this?

Unfortunately, Apple doesn’t allow third party apps such as Playlisty or Amazon Alexa to connect to accounts that are set up as “Child” accounts within a family sharing group.

If you want to get some playlists from a child’s Spotify account and save them to their Apple Music account, you therefore need to go through a few steps:

  1. Install Playlisty on an adult’s device and link it to the child’s Spotify account. If Playlisty is already installed and pointing to another Spotify account you will need to delete / re-install it.
    Tip: if you have set up custom playlist sources you may want to go in to “Settings” and save them to a file before deleting.
  2. Import the relevant playlists to the adult’s Apple Music account.
  3. Share the playlists from within Apple Music (see https://support.apple.com/en-gb/guide/music/mus140a2e93/mac).

The child user can then access the shared playlists and link / copy them as required.