I’ve selected the Playlisty “Share” icon but I’m not getting a playlist. I’m getting nothing/garbage instead…

If Playlisty couldn’t find a playlist at a URL you shared with it, but it did find some text, it will show you the stripped-down text that it received in the hope that you can clean it up a bit and try again. This is best done by cut/pasting it into a text editor and then pasting it back when cleaned-up. Better still, save it as a text file on your iCloud/DropBox/Google drive and open it in Playlisty from there.

By cleaned-up we mean as close a possible to a list of lines, each containing “Track name – Artist name” (or the other way around – it doesn’t matter).

If you want to know more take a look at the “I tried importing a Podcast/Web-page and it didn’t work…” section.