I just installed on a new device and tried to restore my purchase. It didn’t work!

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I purchased playlisty pro on a mac and I’m having problems restoring on an iphone

Unfortunately we’ve been seeing this issue quite a bit recently and have escalated it to Apple. They accept that the issue is on their side: there seems to be a “break” between the macOS & iOS app stores at the moment.

Luckily a few weeks ago one of our customers found what looks like an easy fix:

To fix the issue I’ve gone through the purchase process again on my iPhone, and as it is a non-consumable IAP there was no second payment

I should stress that we can’t test this fix as we haven’t been able to reproduce the issue ourselves, but dozens of other customers have told us that it works and if you do get charged (very unlikely) you should be able to request a refund from Apple.

Everyone else

If you get this problem, the first thing to check is that the Apple ID you are logged-in with is the same as (or has access to, via family sharing) the account with which you purchased Playlisty. It sounds obvious but we’ve made that mistake ourselves.

If the Apple ID looks correct then the most likely reason for a restore not working is that Apple’s servers are too busy and the request is failing at their end. So the next thing to try is simply waiting a bit – an hour or two ought to be enough – and then trying again.

If that doesn’t work, you might want to consider the “repurchase” method mention in the section above (note: if you’ve purchased “Pro” you should not get charged again).

If it still doesn’t work, contacting Apple is probably your next best step. Playlisty just uses the standard Apple mechanisms for in-app purchases and whenever we’ve recommended that customers call Apple in the past, they’ve always managed to resolve it.

However we know from experience that the first couple of things that Apple recommend are 1). A reboot of your iPhone, and 2). To sign-out & of Media & Purchases on your iPhone, reboot and then sign back in again, so this is probably worth doing before you call them.