What formats does the Playlisty Scratchpad understand?

The Playlisty Scratchpad is a powerful tool which enables you to create playlists from fragments of text, web pages and URLs. For example, if you copy the following text into the Scratchpad and hit “Next…”, Playlisty will create a playlist for you:

Grow’ ft. Leo Stannard (Original Mix) - Kidnap
Rainbow - Chicane
When The Lights Are Out (Late Night Mix) - Maceo Plex
Always (Tinlicker Remix) - Above & Beyond feat. Zoë Johnston

Lots of characters apart from ” – ” are supported as the artist / track name separator – just make sure there’s only one separator per row.

The following, with artist name first followed by track name, will work just as well:

Kidnap - Grow’ ft. Leo Stannard (Original Mix)
Chicane - Rainbow
Maceo Plex - When The Lights Are Out (Late Night Mix)
Above & Beyond feat. Zoë Johnston - Always (Tinlicker Remix)

CSV formats work too. Playlisty recognises hundreds of specific comma & tab separated formats but will try and work out the right columns to use even if it’s a format it’s never seen before:

1,"Caramel Prisoner","Air"
2,"Don't Take Your Love Away (92 Mix)","Groove Armada"
4,"Right Through You","Alanis Morissette"

m3u format also works nicely:

#EXTINF:186,Untrust Us - Crystal Castles
/Users/Shared/iTunes Music/Music/Crystal Castles/Crystal Castles/01 Untrust Us.m4a
#EXTINF:258,Crimewave - Crystal Castles
/Users/Shared/iTunes Music/Music/Crystal Castles/Crystal Castles/03 Crimewave.m4a
#EXTINF:366,Magic Spells - Crystal Castles
/Users/Shared/iTunes Music/Music/Crystal Castles/Crystal Castles/04 Magic Spells.m4a
#EXTINF:252,Air War - Crystal Castles
/Users/Shared/iTunes Music/Music/Crystal Castles/Crystal Castles/06 Air War.m4a
#EXTINF:210,Courtship Dating - Crystal Castles
/Users/Shared/iTunes Music/Music/Crystal Castles/Crystal Castles/07 Courtship Dating.m4a

You can also paste in a URL to a playlist:


Or a URL to an album or individual track:


Playlisty can also handle links to many web pages. For example, if you paste the following link, Playlisty will scan the page to look for anything that looks like it might be a playlist:


It can even handle several URLs in one go:


And if there’s a format you think we really ought to support, please let us know!