I tried importing a Podcast/Web-page and it didn’t work…

There are a couple of reasons why a playlist sometimes won’t be immediately recognised:

  1. Most commonly, there isn’t a full playlist available on the URL you’ve shared (Podcasts have URLs too). If you have the URL, try pasting it into a web browser and see if you can see the playlist. In quite a few apps, when you hit “Share” they give a URL with incomplete data (Spotify – limited to 30 tracks) or nothing much useful at all (Deezer, and web pages that use images for playlists or lots of JavaScript). Obviously if there’s no playlists there, Playlisty can’t do anything about it. The exception is actually Spotify: Playlisty is a registered Spotify app and talks directly to Spotify’s servers to get the information it needs.
  2. Sometimes there’s a playlist there but despite its advanced pattern matching technology, Playlisty just can’t find it. It’s worth cutting and pasting just the playlist text itself (without all the other text on the page) into the app – often that will work when sharing the whole page did not. If there’s a page you use a lot and it’s not working, please send it to us and we’ll try and get it working in a future release.

If all else fails, you can see the playlist but Playlisty simply won’t recognise it, try pasting it into a text file and try and clean it up a bit yourself. If you can get it in:

  • Track name – Artist name

format you can be sure it will be recognised.