Playlisty says it has finished saving my playlists but they’re not there in Apple Music!

So you’ve been through the process of matching & then saving your playlists, Playlisty said it had saved them Ok, but nothing appeared in your Music app?

First of all, as long as Playlisty didn’t show you an error message you can be pretty sure that your playlists have been safely saved.

When Playlisty creates your playlists it creates them in Apple Music’s “cloud” and then relies on Apple Music to sync them back to all the devices logged-in to your Apple Music account. So if you can’t see your playlists the usual (quite common) reason for this is that Apple Music either isn’t properly syncing to your device or it’s running slow.

If you have access to a desktop machine (Windows or Mac) you can check this by taking a look at in a browser. This is the web version of your Apple Music account and it works directly from the cloud so you should see all your playlists there even if they haven’t made it to your device.

If you are seeing this problem then there are 2 potential fixes, both of them easy:

  1. Wait a bit. Often if you just leave Apple Music for a few minutes or even an hour or two your playlists will suddenly appear. Similarly if you synced a big playlist and you can only see some of the tracks, wait a bit and the rest will usually turn up.
  2. Force a full re-sync. If you’ve waited a while and there’s still no sign of your playlists then there might be something holding up the sync on your device and triggering a full re-sync is the next step.

To force a full re-sync of your device you can go in to your Apple Music settings and turn-off “Sync Library” (“Settings” -> “Music” on an iPhone or “Music” -> “Settings” -> “General” on a Mac) and wait a few minutes. Make sure it stays off – sometimes it pops back on by itself. After a couple of minutes turn it back on again and after a while all of your playlists will re-sync back to your device, including the ones Playlisty created.