What Spotify permissions does Playlisty need?

In order for Playlisty to work with Spotify you will be required to grant Playlisty certain permissions. Playlisty for Spotify and Playlisty for Apple Music need slightly different permissions but in both cases the permissions requested are required only to enable Playlisty to work, nothing more. Your data will always remain private, between you, your device & Spotify.

Here is a summary of the permissions needed by the different versions of Playlisty:

  • View your activity on Spotify: Playlisty needs access to your Spotify library in order to read existing playlists. If you are using Playlisty for Spotify it will also use this permission to populate the Discovery section with your favourite or recently played artists & genres, to make it easier to find related content.
  • Take actions in Spotify on your behalf: Required by Playlisty for Spotify to enable adding, editing & playing playlists and adding tracks, albums & playlist artwork to your library. These are functions are what Playlisty for Spotify is all about.
  • View your Spotify Account data: Only required by Playlisty for Spotify. Playing tracks requires a premium account so Playlisty needs to know the type of account you have. It also needs to know your country, to ensure it picks the right tracks for your region, and your Spotify ID, to work out which playlists in your library can be edited by you.

For more information about how Playlisty handles your data please see our privacy policy.