Improvements with Playlisty 2.x

We have been making lots of improvements to Playlisty since version 2.0, so we thought it would be worth expanding on some of them here for anybody that is interested or has been a regular user of Playlisty since the early days.

  • New UX: the user interface adapts to iPhone/iPad/Mac, all of which are supported if you have purchased Playlisty.
  • Playlist Browser: you can add and browse as many playlist sources as you like. There’s also no need to transfer playlists any more, just browse & hit play when you see something you like.
  • Migrating multiple playlists: you can select multiple playlists and sync them in one shot. The matching step shows them all together so that it is easier for you to check for errors as a single step, then when you “Save” them on the final screen it splits them all apart again into separate lists.
  • Searching: you can search YouTube, Soundcloud, Beatport & BBC Sounds directly for your favourite artists or channels from within Playlisty.
  • Apple Music support: Playlisty provides the ability to import playlists from your own Music library, back into your Music library, to deliver better quality versions of tracks in your Music library. Click here to find out more.