What file formats can Playlisty read?

The Playlisty “Files” tab is one of Playlisty’s most powerful features. From this tab you can add any number of playlist files in a huge variety of formats, including files containing URLs, Comma & Tab separated tracks, M3U, XML, HTML and Text.


  • Any format supported by the Playlisty Scratchpad is also supported as a file format. You can see the formats supported by Scratchpad here.
  • Files can contain either tracks or albums. To tell Playlisty to match against albums not tracks , look here.
  • Playlisty’s open PLIF (“PLaylist Interchange Format”) file format is fully supported and can be imported from this tab. To see how to create PLIF files, look here.
  • Playlisty can import a number of file format specific to Apple Music, including Xml format and “Loved Track” data stored in your Apple Music privacy archive. Look here to find out more.