Frequently Asked Questions



Lots of my tracks are failing to match

The most likely reason is that you are importing classical music. Unfortunately there are so many additional factors involved in getting a perfect match (Orchestra, Conductor etc) that partial matches are as good as you can hope for on most classical tracks.

The other common reason why you might not get a match is that the track simply isn’t available in Apple Music yet.

If you think Playlisty has missed a simple match with a track you know is there in Apple Music, please send us details using the form below, and we will try to fix it!


What are the pre-requisites for running Playlisty?

To install & run Playlisty you will need:

  • To be running iOS 14.4 or MacOS 11.1: Unfortunately we use some of the latest Apple APIs, which weren’t available before these versions.
  • An Apple Music subscription with iCloud Music Library switched-on.


Why would I use a cloud drive to store playlists?

Click here to see how to import playlist files from DropBox, iCloud or Google Drive in Playlisty.

Can I import entire albums?

Click here to see how to import a list of albums, not tracks, in Playlisty.

How do I use Playlisty with Siri Shortcuts?

Click here to see how to use Playlisty within Siri Shortcuts.

Contact Us

If your issue isn’t covered by our FAQ, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Also, if there’s a web page, app or podcast you’d like us to support in Playlisty please get in touch using the form below and send us the details (including URL if possible). We’ll do our best to add it to an upcoming release